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We are frequently contacted by Solicitors and others in the process of arranging the transfer of ownership of parcels of land that are or may be in the PID. The legislation covering the PID is the Water Management Act 2000 No.92. Relevant extracts are reproduced at No warranty is given that the extract is free from error or omission. Furthermore, as the extract has been prepared from web site copy, the accuracy of the conversion to this web site cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, the Board of the Broke Fordwich PID and its servants and agents expressly disclaim liability for any act done or omission made in reliance on the information in the extract or any other information elsewhere on this web site and any consequences of any such act or omission. No responsibility is taken by the PID for the currency of this extract. For security please refer directly to the legislation.

If the conveyancor believes that the property has a PID water allocation they should verify that this is correct by emailing and obtaining a certificate to that effect from the board if required. The charge for a Certificate is $165 including GST. A separate Certificate is required for each PID land holding. The Certificate provides folio details of the land included in the PID, Annual Water Allocation, fees and charges, any amounts due and the balance of Annual Water Allocation available.

Charges are levied annually for the year July 1st to June 30th, payment is due no later than July 31st of that year The allocation of water under this scheme is permanently associated with a specific parcel of land and cannot be sold or dealt with separately. The Annual Allocation is not a water license. The PID holds a Water Access License, each PID member has a pre-determined allocation of part of that water.

Any amounts due to the PID are registerable as a charge over the land and are recoverable from the current owner or owners regardless of when the debt was incurred.

On transfer of Land Title the normal practice is for the Annual Charge to be apportioned between vendor & buyer on a per diem basis, similarly to Local Government Rates.

The Annual Charge as at 1st July 2023 is $325 per Share of Annual Allocation. The Water charge 2023-2024 is in three tiers:- 0-50% of Annual Allocation $0.00 per Share, 50%-100% of Annual Allocation $225.00 per Share, 100% of Annual Allocation $500.00 per Share(subject to availability)

An EXTRACT from:- WATER MANAGEMENT ACT 2000 No 92 May be viewed at

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