Make a payment to Blue Card Services

This page allows you to make a payment for blue card related forms.


The application form (including renewals) must be completed and then submitted to Blue Card Services with a copy of your payment receipt.

If you do not submit your payment receipt with your application form, there may be delays in processing your application.

Please note - this function only allows payment for one application per transaction.


1.  Select the "Biller Code" from the drop down list that corresponds with the form you are making payment for. See table below.

2.  In the "Applicant Name" field enter the name of the blue card applicant (first name, middle name, family name). This name must match the name on the application being submitted or delays may occur.

3.  Enter the blue card applicant's date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) and email address in the fields provided. Note: If the applicant does not have an email address, please provide the employer's email.

4. Enter the fee which matches the application type. Current fees are as follows:


Biller Code


Blue Card (new and renewal)



Volunteer to Paid



Authorisation/link to Org requiring payment



Application to cancel a negative notice



Replacement Card (lost, stolen, change of name)



Eligibility Declaration



5.  Select your payment option, MasterCard or VISA, enter your credit card details and proceed to the next page.

6.  Once your payment has been processed, print a copy of your receipt and attach it to your completed application form.

If it is not possible to print a copy, please complete the receipt number and payment date on the application form in the payment section.

7.  You now need to submit your application form along with a copy of your receipt. The completed form and receipt can be lodged via Blue Card Services' website using the upload function or post or fax the form and receipt to Blue Card Services.

8.  If you wish to retain a copy of this receipt for your records please ensure that you complete the "Email this receipt to" section to have a copy emailed to you.

If you require further assistance, please call Blue Card Services on 1800 113 611 or 07 3211 6999 between 8am - 5pm on Monday to Thursday and between 9am-5pm on Friday.


Biller Code:

(Blue Card Services)

Applicant Name:

Applicant Date of Birth:

Applicant Email Address:

Amount (AUD):

AUD 123.00 can be entered as 123 or 123.00

Select your payment option: